Washwater Monitoring System

MES 1003

Cost-efficient washwater monitoring

MES 1003 documents the level of pH, PAH, turbidity and temperature in the scrubber washwater, offering a cost-efficient approach to washwater monitoring. The MES 1003 is compliant with the guidelines defined in MEPC.340(77).

Measurement of pH, PAH, turbidity and temperature

Increased focus on the environmental impact from the marine industry has led to an increased focus on regulations related to emissions from the shipping industry, and Washwater Monitoring System, MES 1003 helps you achieve reliable washwater monitoring and documentation compliant with the limits established by the International Maritime Organization in MEPC.340(77).

Washwater Monitoring System, MES 1003 is a solution for use on vessels equipped with an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS). The system measures and documents that the difference between input values and output values are according to the regulation. The MES 1003 is offered in 2 versions of the Washwater Analyzer Unit (WAU), one with a PAH sensor and the other without For the WAU two preconditioning units are offered: Water Sample Reduction unit (WSR) or Water Sample Unit (WSU) depending on the application. A typical setup consists of 2 WAUs
inlet and outlet and 2 pre-conditioning units (WSR/WSU).

The applications for MES 1003 include

  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS) scrubber

Type Approvals

We stay up to date on relevant type approvals, and MES 1003 has the following type approvals

  • Lloyds Register

We continuously obtain relevant type approvals.

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