August 12 ,2023

Is Your Vessel Ready for CARB? Introducing Danfoss IXA MES 1001 MARPOL Solution!

Kolding, DK – April 2023

Have you heard of CARB Regulation? If ensuring compliance with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is on your maritime checklist, Danfoss IXA has the solution you need!

Navigating CARB Regulation: “At Berth” Compliance in 2020 (2007) The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is the vanguard in the fight against air pollution in California. Their “At Berth” regulation of 2020 (2007) outlines strict requirements for emission control strategies, specifically in NECA zones.

MES 1001 MARPOL: The Ultimate Solution for CARB Compliance Danfoss IXA introduces MES 1001 MARPOL as the ultimate solution when paired with your Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) application for CARB Compliance and compliance in NECA zones.

Best Approach: Emission Control Equipment for SCR Strategy The best approach to meet CARB’s rigourous requirements is the installation of emission control equipment, specifically MES 1001 MARPOL, designed to complement your SCR strategy seamlessly.

Compliance Strategy: Prior Notification to Authorities Danfoss MES 1001 MARPOL system goes beyond being a measurement tool; it becomes your compliance strategy. With the ability to measure both NOx and NH3 (ammonia) emissions from marine engines, it provides a comprehensive solution for adhering to CARB’s regulations on marine vessel emissions.

Danfoss IXA’s Commitment to Clean Maritime Practices Danfoss IXA is committed to offering solutions that meet regulatory standards. MES 1001 MARPOL stands as a testament to this commitment, providing a reliable and efficient means for vessel owners to navigate the complexities of CARB Regulation.

Ensure your vessel is not just compliant but ahead of the curve with Danfoss IXA MES 1001 MARPOL. For more information on achieving CARB compliance, contact us today.