March 28 ,2023

Novenco Strengthens Partnership with Danfoss IXA through Representative Visit

Kolding, DK, March 2023 Novenco’s Representative, Explores Danfoss IXA Portfolio in Denmark

In a significant step towards reinforcing the strong partnership between Novenco and Danfoss IXA, Mirai, a distinguished representative of Novenco and Danfoss IXA distributor in Japan, recently paid a visit to the Danfoss IXA office in Kolding, Denmark. This visit aimed to deepen her understanding of the Danfoss IXA portfolio and enhance collaboration between the two companies.

Mirai had the opportunity to meet Nicolai Wiese, Sales Director of Danfoss IXA, and engage with the entire sales team. The visit included a comprehensive tour of the Kolding office, providing valuable insights into the installation, calibration, and servicing processes of Danfoss IXA analyzers.

During the factory tour, Mirai gained in-depth knowledge about the technology behind two key products in Danfoss IXA’s portfolio – MES 1001 and MES 1001 MARPOL. The team at Danfoss IXA demonstrated the efficiency of their products through rigorous testing processes, showcasing the cutting-edge technology that underpins their analyzers.

As one of the main markets for Danfoss IXA, Japan holds strategic importance. Mirai’s visit served as a crucial step in empowering her to better represent Danfoss IXA in the Japanese market. By fostering a deeper understanding of the product portfolio and manufacturing processes, Mirai is now equipped to communicate the unique features and benefits of Danfoss IXA analyzers to customers in Japan.