Energy Optimization

Shipowners must operate their ships efficiently in order to be competitive. Data from all over the ship, including emissions, can be analyzed to pinpoint where optimizations can be implemented.

Using emission measurement all over the ship, contributes to an overall overview of processes in the ship, from which trend analyses can be conducted via an emission data software platform. This can be used to help optimize processes (for example via engine control), detect defects before reaching any damaging outcomes, etc. Furthermore, a combination of sensor information can be used to optimize engine parameters in a way that optimizes fuel consumption and level of emissions at the same time.

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MES 1001
MES 1001

NOx, NH₃ and SO₂ analyzer

Measurement for optimization and control.


MES 1002
MES 1002

SO₂/CO₂ Analyzer

Compliance by directly measuring emissions from your exhaust system.

MES 1003
MES 1003

Washwater Monitoring System

Washwater Monitoring System that keeps you in control in a cost-efficient way.


Yanmar: Cost efficient Selective Catalytic Reduction process with marine emission monitoring

Yanmar, global provider of marine diesel engines, has throughout a long-term partnership, tested NOx, SO2 and NH3 sensor, MES 1001, in a closed loop application for its Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology.