November 29 ,2023

Departure of Nicolai Wiese from Danfoss IXA Team

Kolding, DK – November 2023

Danfoss IXA bids a formal farewell to Nicolai Wiese, marking his last day with the company. Nicolai has decided to pursue new opportunities in another company, and we extend our best wishes for his success in all future endeavors.

Today, the Danfoss IXA team gathered to express gratitude and bid Nicolai a farewell in a warm and respectful manner. As a token of appreciation, Nicolai was presented with a special gift—an emblematic Livgard, symbolizing strength and dedication. The Livgard, depicting a soldier holding the Danish flag, serves as a representation of the commitment Nicolai demonstrated during his tenure.

The Danfoss IXA team acknowledges Nicolai’s 4.5 years of dedicated service and outstanding contributions. His departure leaves a void, and we are appreciative of the positive impact he has had on our team.

As Nicolai embarks on his new journey, the entire Danfoss team wishes him the very best in his future endeavors, confident that his professionalism and dedication will continue to shine in his new role.