December 6 ,2023

Danfoss IXA’s at Marintec 2023: MES 1002 Takes Center Stage

Merwyn Lopes, Sales Manager, with customers at Marintec

Shanghai, China – December 5-8, 2023

In the dynamic city of Shanghai, from December 5 to 8, attention is firmly on Marintec 2023, where Danfoss IXA is taking center stage. This global maritime exhibition serves as the ideal platform for IXA to reveal its cutting-edge solutions, reshaping the industry’s approach to pollution and emissions monitoring.

Showcasing Next-Gen Solutions

Danfoss IXA, acknowledged for its innovative tools in monitoring pollution and emissions, has set up an impressive display at Marintec, highlighting two standout products: MES 1001 and the much-anticipated MES 1002.


MES 1002 Probe

MES 1002 Probe

MES 1002: Marpol-approved SO₂/CO₂ CEMS for regulatory exhaust monitoring in scrubber applications

Adding to the excitement, Danfoss IXA introduces MES 1002, a groundbreaking analyzer designed to measure both SO2 and CO2 emissions. This showcases Danfoss IXA’s dedication to providing solutions that align with the evolving needs of the maritime world. Click here for DNV Type Approval Certificate for MES 1002.

MES 1001: Advancing NOx Emission Monitoring

MES 1001 is at the forefront as the only device capable of in-situ NOx emission monitoring. This intelligent system provides real-time and precise information, assisting ships in adhering to regulations and preserving the environment.

Engaging with Customers: Insights and Excitement

Merwyn, the Sales Manager, and Claus Vogel, the Acting Sales Director of Danfoss IXA, are actively engaging with customers at Marintec. Conducting meetings and interviews, they share insights about IXA’s cutting-edge analyzers. Customers who have interacted with Merwyn and Claus express enthusiasm about the potential of these technologies to enhance environmental compliance and operational efficiency. The real-time data provided by IXA’s tools is not just a regulatory necessity; it’s a tool for optimizing ship operations.

IXA’s Gas Emission Analyzers: Transforming Maritime Practices

The Danfoss IXA booth is buzzing with the concept that their analyzers are revolutionizing how ships address emissions. With increasingly stringent pollution regulations, IXA’s gas emission analyzers are aiding ships in not only complying with rules but also in enhancing overall environmental performance. Attendees at Marintec are applauding Danfoss IXA for its commitment to developing tools that monitor emissions. The captivating displays and informative sessions at the booth highlight the significant impact MES 1001 and MES 1002 are making in the maritime industry.

Danfoss IXA Booth – MES 1001/MES 1002 Display

Claus Vogel, our Acting Sales Director, highlighting the excellence of Danfoss IXA analyzers in an engaging interview

Merwyn Lopes, Sales Manager, with a customer at Marintec








Setting the Stage for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Marintec 2023
is proving to be the grand stage for Danfoss IXA to showcase its expertise in emission monitoring solutions. With MES 1001 and MES 1002 at the forefront, IXA is not merely addressing current industry needs but is setting the foundation for a cleaner and more sustainable future.


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