September 15 ,2022

Danfoss IXA wins a project in China for MES1001 MARPOL emission sensors

We are pleased to announce that we got an order for 10 MES1001 MARPOL certified emission sensors for a Chinese market.

We are looking forward to ensuring an optimum catalytic process as well as documenting the emissions.

MES1001 MARPOL facilitates crew can do onsite calibration of sensors ensuring no cost for 3rd party tech to go onboard, no travel cost or rental equipment optimizing operational cost.


MES1001 MARPOL CEMS measures NOx, SO2, NH3 gases directly in the exhaust pipe withstanding temperatures up to 500oC.


Its key benefits include:

  • Compact In situ CEMS
  • RealTime measurements using UV light
  • Easy installation, operation, and maintenance by crew
  • Onsite NOx gas calibration by crew

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