June 27 ,2023

Danfoss IXA Leaves a Maritime Mark at Bari Ship, Japan

June 2023

In May, Danfoss IXA made a splash at Bari Ship, Japan, showcasing our innovative solutions at The Pavilion of Denmark. Nicolai Wiese led the charge, sharing insights and discussing our commitment to a greener shipping future.

MES 1001 MARPOL Spotlight:Our star, MES 1001 MARPOL, stole the show with its cutting-edge features and undeniable sustainability benefits. The Pavilion of Denmark, Booth F-42, became a hub of exploration, captivating visitors and sparking meaningful conversations.

A Hub of Innovation:The Pavilion showcased a spectrum of solutions, highlighting our dedication to fostering sustainability, efficiency, and excellence in maritime technology.

Looking Ahead:Our success at Bari Ship sets the stage for future endeavors. Danfoss IXA remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability in the maritime industry.