August 27 ,2023

Danfoss IXA Excels with Hands-On MES 1001 Training at Kolding Training Center

Danfoss IXA Excels with Hands-On MES 1001 Training

Training | MES 1001 | 2-Day Program

Kolding, DK, August 2023 – Danfoss IXA’s Kolding facility celebrated success with the MES 1001 Training, hosting industry leaders such as WinGD, Norr Systems Korea, CHEC bv, TecnoVeritas, and Caterpillar. Led by Danfoss IXA experts, including Debnath Mandal, Morten Kaasen, Nicolai Wiese, and Thomine Rohr, participants delved into essential modules on installations, communication, and maintenance.

The MES 1001 Training surpassed traditional approaches, offering a hands-on experience for attendees to apply their learning in real-world situations. Danfoss IXA not only provided top-notch training but also ensured the comfort of participants by offering accommodation in Kolding and dinners for both days.

Positive feedback from attendees emphasized the program’s importance in empowering professionals with the tools and expertise needed in their respective fields. This success underscores Danfoss IXA’s commitment to advancing industry knowledge and collaboration.

As the first of its kind at the Kolding facility, the MES 1001 Training sets a precedent for future immersive learning experiences. Danfoss IXA looks forward to continuing its role as a hub for industry training, fostering innovation and excellence in maritime technology.

This achievement in Kolding paves the way for more hands-on learning opportunities, solidifying Danfoss IXA’s commitment to being a go-to place for cutting-edge training in maritime technology.

Stay tuned for more updates from Danfoss IXA’s upcoming trainings.