November 27 ,2023

Danfoss IXA Announces Highly Successful 2nd Training Session Featuring MES 1001 and MES 1002 Modules

Kolding, DK, November 2023 – Danfoss IXA proudly wraps up its second training session, a comprehensive 3-day program held at the Kolding facility. Industry Leaders, such as Ning Hai, PureteQ, Pentair, and Kinetics, participated in the training, showcasing the broad appeal of our analyzers.

Three Days of Intensive Learning: MES 1001 and MES 1002 Modules

Participants immersed themselves in a 2-day MES 1001 Training, followed by a day dedicated to the recently launched MES 1002. The expert guidance of trainers Morten Kaasen and Nicolai Wiese for MES 1001 and Thomine Rohr as the main trainer for MES 1002 ensured a valuable learning experience.

Positive Feedback and Impressive Results

Attendees expressed high satisfaction and were particularly impressed with the ease of installation and maintenance of MES 1002. Kasper from PureteQ shared an impactful statement, affirming that MES 1002 boasts the easiest installation and maintenance in the market, leaving him thoroughly impressed.

Danfoss IXA Continues to Lead in Industry Training

Danfoss IXA remains committed to advancing industry knowledge and collaboration. The success of the 2nd training session reinforces the company’s role as a hub for cutting-edge training in maritime technology.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming Danfoss IXA trainings, where innovation and excellence continue to meet industry needs.