April 27 ,2023

Danfoss IXA Achieves LV Register Certification for MES1003 Product

Kolding, Denmark – April 2023

In a significant achievement, Danfoss IXA proudly announces the reception of the LV Register certification for its MES1003 product. The issuance of the Type Approval Certificate marks a pivotal moment for Danfoss IXA and underscores the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions in the maritime industry.

Certificate Details:

  • Certificate No: LR2385284TA
  • Issue Date: 27/03/2023
  • Expiry Date: 26/03/2028
  • Issued by: Lloyd’s Register Group Limited
  • Address: 71 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 4BS, United Kingdom
  • Type Approval: TA01 2.0

Message from Lloyd’s Register: Lloyd’s Register Group Limited, its affiliates, and subsidiaries, along with their respective officers, employees, or agents, extend congratulations to Danfoss IXA on this achievement. The certification acknowledges successful testing and compliance with the Lloyd’s Register Type Approval System.

Signatory: Matthias Karg, Specialist to Lloyd’s Register EMEA, a member of the Lloyd’s Register group.

Danfoss IXA expresses gratitude for the collaboration with Lloyd’s Register and is committed to maintaining the high standards set by this certification. The LV Register certification for MES1003 reflects Danfoss IXA’s dedication to delivering innovative and reliable products that meet and exceed industry standards.

Click here: Danfoss MES1003 Wash Water Monitoring system Type Approval

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