Hyundai Heavy Industries monitor SCR performance with Danfoss IXA sensor

The world’s largest shipbuilding company Hyundai Heavy Industries uses NOx, SO2 and NH3 sensor, MES 1001, to measure performance of its Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) solutions. The successful collaboration between Hyundai Heavy Industries and Danfoss IXA was initiated back in 2016 in which the first sensor was delivered for test on commercial vessels, which has since resulted in a contractual collaboration in which Danfoss IXA will supply MES 1001 to Hyundai Heavy Industries entire engine program. A signing ceremony between Danfoss IXA and world’s largest shipbuilding company Hyundai Heavy Industries at the Danfoss Headquarter in Nordborg, April 2019, marked this next great step in the partnership going forward, and the contract marks a successful completion of test, operation and design approval.

Danfoss IXA is pleased to take the long-term partnership to the next level, supporting Hyundai Heavy Industries’ production of sustainable solutions to the maritime industry, contributing to creating greater transparency of emissions.