Emission Visualization Platform

Emission Visualization Platform

Visualize your emission data for analysis, optimization and documentation

EmViz is a software platform that provides a total overview of the ship’s air and water emissions. The software will collect and store all relevant data and can analyze if the ship is compliant. With this, the crew is always informed about the current emission status. By transmitting the data to a central server the ship owner can analyze over longer periods of time as well as compare data across fleets.

Create a total overview of the ship’s air and water emissions

EmViz comprise one visualization platform that can gather, compare and store all emission data, air- and water emissions, from the ship.

These can be use to analyze whether the ship is compliant with regulations defined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the EU, nation states, etc.


EmViz can optimally be used with all Danfoss IXA sensors in achieving a complete overview of emissions on the ship, for optimization and documentation.


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